Here at Cowper Media, we regularly add to our equipment to make sure we have the right kit for your job, and if we haven't got it in-house (although that's unlikely) we will certainly know where to get it!

Below is a sample of a standard shoot kit:



Camera Kit

Sound Kit

Lighting Kit

Camera Kit

Either Sony PMW-300
Full HD camera recording to
SxS media up to 50Mb/s Broadcast Standard or
Sony PXW-FS5 Super35 4K/HD Camera with lenses

Sachtler FSB8/speedlock tripod

Marshall 7" HD HiBrite monitor HDMI/HDSDI inputs

Matte Box with selection of
ND Grads

Sound Kit

Sennheiser 416 in Rycote

Sennheiser G3 ch38 radiomic with Sony ECM77

Sony ECM77 personal mic

Sennheiser MD46 reporter mic

Sennheiser HD26 Pro headphones

Lighting Kit

3 Dedolight DLED 4.1
Daylight LED lights
c/w projector/gobos/gels

Dedolight Felloni 1'x1'
Hi-output dimmable LED
panel light

Various backdrops, inc chroma blue/green, black velvet etc

California Sunbounce reflector



Extra Kit Available: