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Copyright 2024 - Cowper Media Ltd -Video Production in Nottingham and East Midlands Freelance Cameraman

Below are just a few examples of video projects undertaken by Cowper Media.  The video clips have been trimmed from their full lengths to give a flavour of the variety of work we do.



For this project, Cowper Media were commissioned by Apple Education to illustrate how they are progressing with the training of teachers in schools, and bringing about awareness of Apple products in the education environment.




This is a small part of a video produced by Cowper Media which is played to visitors to the Thorntons site at Alfreton before embarking on a factory tour.



ASA/British Swimming:

The National Plan for Teaching Swimming is a programme roled out across the country by the ASA/British Swimming to teach young children both confidence in water and ultimately how to swim.  Cowper Media were commissioned to produce a DVD to accompany a learning resource which would illustrate the expected outcomes of each exercise in Stages 1 - 7.



Agricultural Lime Assoc.:

Lafarge, one of the UK's leading agricultural lime suppliers commissioned this video to highlight the benefits of a considered lime-use programme in agriculture. 

Filming included that of a live blast and also the use of minicams attached to the lime spreader. 




British Triathlon:

British Triathlon asked us to make this video to attract more volunteers into the sport.  This is a cut down version of the final edit. 

We have produced various instructional DVDs for the sport for both coach and athlete training.



Nottingham Climbing Centre:

A short bit of filming at the Nottingham Climbing centre using the Polecam out at 5 lengths.



Agency/Events Companies

If you run an agency or events company, we are more than happy to work under your name/umbrella, and guarantee discretion with clients.  Please call for more information.


For a freelance camera operator to shoot in Nottingham, the East Midlands or anywhere else for that matter, go to www.stevecowper.tv